We're Here for You When Times Get Tough

"Leading the way to optimal mind and body wellness through the empowerment of people" is the foundation and mission of Winds of Change Mental Health Center. We are leading the way in recovery focused mental health treatment in Montana. Our strength based approach is evidence-based and is continuously refined through continuing education.

Mental Health Recovery Services

Winds of Change Mental Health Center was founded in 2006 with just two employees. Today, we have a 60 like minded individuals our team and are pleased to serve more than 350 clients each year with Case Management, Community-Based Psychiatric Rehab and Support, Wellness Programs with personal wellness coaches, daily access to the Recovery Mall groups, and group home living.

Clinical & Psychiatric Services

Our dedicated therapists will assist you to develop a recovery focused treatment plan with you, that meets your unique goals and needs. Our therapist help you guide your treatment plan and are available for individual and group therapy for all types of mental health diagnoses. .

Lifestyle & Functional Medicine

Our Wellness program focuses on overall health and offers meal planning, weight management, individual wellness sessions with our wellness coach, and access to our gym as part of the integrative and functional approach to creating optimal health.

Winds of change's first adult group home was established to better support the needs of those living in Hawthorne House at the time. The concept of recovery was and is so powerful the owners transformed into an adult group home, now known as J's Place, and we have since added more services and group homes.

Today, Winds of Change operates five group homes: J's Place, La Casa, Casa Dos, Casa Tres, and Casa Cuatro.

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