Aleph Psychiatric Practice in Missoula, MT

Aleph provides therapy, and Jennings prescribes medications for people within the community and patients at the mental health center. The goal at Aleph PC is to transform lives by providing functional health services in Missoula, MT. The practice promotes nutrition, hormone balance, fitness and weight control, and also offers corporate wellness program


•Individual Therapy
•Group Therapy
•TMS Therapy
•Labcorp Drawsite- Welcome to the public, no doctor's order needed
•Weight Loss

What is Functional Psychiatry?

Functional psychiatry treats both the mind and the body with personalized treatment to stop the endless trial-and-error methods that are so common in depression treatment. We can help you deal with the complicated issues of living in this world in a holistic way.

Lasting and effective therapy medication solutions take into account your whole body. This includes the digestive, immune, and detoxification systems of your body as well as the role that genetics plays in diagnosis.

We believe that recovery involves empowerment through engagement, giving you the power to learn and make personally informed decisions about your own treatment, whether it's for depression, weight loss, mood disorders or other problems.